About us

 Sunay CS 89 was established in 1998 to operate as an importer of professional kitchen and restaurant equipment. In the process of its activities and following the requirements and needs of the customers, the company expanded its business to include manufacture and installation of professional kitchen, restaurant, pastry stainless steel equipment, such as worktops, sink units, tables, shelving, cabinets, cooking hoods with grease filters, and many other custom-made products for customers operating in the food service industry, hotels, restaurants, catering establishments, etc.



The company team consists of qualified specialists, able to meet the growing demands of investors and customers with quality, efficiency and in a timely manner. The high-quality performance, complex supplies, technical consultations on the project up to completion, and loyal business relationships help the company establish its positions as a professional, able to meet highest demands.The basic market capabilities are in the field of:
Full engineering of supplied equipment – from the manufacturing process, delivery and installation to warranty and post-warranty services.
The company operates a workshop for manufacturing professional kitchen equipment, furnished with the required production and transport machinery as well as the necessary administrative state-of-the-art technologies for keeping stock records.

The main goal of the company is to manufacture, install and service professional kitchen, bar, and restaurant equipment that meets customers’ requirements and satisfies their expectations. The company’s main focus is the quality of its products not only in terms of performance but also as an indicator of the overall organizational process. Stable quality is achievable only through consensus, cooperation, and collective will of all employees.
Only an established quality management system focused on the customer and appealing and clear to all parties involved can meet such requirements.